Update: It seems that Turkey’s censorship has stopped. I have therefore disabled this mirror. Please go to torproject.org and make sure to get the latest version of the Tor browser-bundle.

Dear people from Turkey,

if you are a victim of censorship in your country (which is quite likely right now, if you frequent Twitter and Youtube), feel free to use this mirror of the torproject.org-site to download the Tor browser-bundle: https://tor.dictvm.org

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is also hosting a Tor-mirror and a site with additonal information on the current censorship-status of Turkey and a list of additional mirrors.

Using Tor is slower than you are used to, but it is a great tool to cirumvent all kinds of censorship-attempts, whether driven by an evil government or just a boring office environment.

You can also request to get the Tor browser-bundle sent to you via email. For the windows-version, sent an empty email to the following mailaddress: gettor@gettor.torproject.org

You will then receive a request to sent either ‘windows’, ‘osx’ or ‘linux’ as a reply to this mail. You will then receive the correct version of the Tor browser-bundle.

This mirror was last updated on 28th of March at 0200 CET. The SSL-certificates' SHA1-fingerprint is the following, just in case that your government decides to do any other nasty things to your traffic:

1A 2E F5 EC 04 41 63 51 AD 14 FA 7A FB 68 A9 AF AA FB 74 C4