Alright, yesterday I wrote about Frustration. Today, it’s about success.

I did it. I went to the mechanic and they basically just confirmed what I read:

After a bit of googling, I found a few suggestions on how to fix that. Put a bit of soap on the part of the tire that sits in the rim, put 1 bar on them, then walk the wheel over the floor and if none of that helps, go 1 bar over the specified maximum and wait for the tire to just “pop” on the rim. None of that helped.

The secret is to be more rigorous and increase the pressure even more. After I put 7 bars on both tires, they just popped onto the rim. Yesterday, I stopped at about 5 bars because I feared to blow up the tire. Unless you squeezed the tube while putting it between the tire and the rim, that’s not going to happen.