These are just incredible. I’ve had my fair share of beautiful pictures that were taken with my Nexus 6P, but I never managed to produce anything that even comes close to these pictures from saltsticks that he posted on Reddit. He was also nice enough to reply to after I asked if they were taken with a stand and HDR+ and also if he edited them:

No stand, just tried to move as little as possible when taking the shots. […] Also darkened the close shot of the grass and added some contrast but not by much. Rest are non edited taken with that NX camera app, HDR was on auto. But I believe that app makes it so every shot is taken with HDR, even if its on auto..(not sure thought)

He shot them just holding the phone, which is impressive, considering the Nexus 6P doesn’t have OIS.

In r/Android, I also stumbled upon a fairly technical post that explains in detail why Google’s HDR+ is so far ahead of anyone else’s implementation.

The new Pixel phones will be a force to be reconned with. I can’t wait.