This will be a short one. I want to recommend an Android-app to you, if you ever find yourself depending on public transport in the wonderful city of Istanbul. After you’ve left the airport, you’ll notice that there’s no public transport information of Turkey in Google Maps. This is kind of a bummer if you’ve learned to rely on that.

The official Metro Istanbul-app that is being advertised at all Metro-stations is a clusterfuck that shouldn’t even exist. Just look at the screenshots in the Play Store. It’s a disgrace. It’s even less useful than might expect from those screenshots. Don’t even bother to use it. Just don’t.

Instead, use the app TRAFI Türkiye that was recommended to me and my friend @nomaster during our visit at the Hackerspace Istanbul by Uğurcan. The UI is simple to use, it’s looking beautiful and it it does what you expect it to do in a fast and reliable manner. It’ll route you to your destination in most major cities of Turkey and it enables you to quickly check for alternative routes during a bus- or Metro-ride. This really made our stay there a lot easier.

If googling lead your here: You’re welcome. :)