A couple of days ago I discovered the podcast Gaslit Nation via Twitter and since I’ve been telling a lot of friends and colleagues about it already, it just seems fitting to also mention it here. Gaslit Nation is a podcast focused on detailing the corrupt criminal enterprise that is the current US government under Trump. It’s hosted by the journalist/author Sarah Kendzior and political researcher/screenwriter Andrea Chalupa who put a lot of the pieces together that explain how we ended up with the current autocratic government in the US and parts of Europe and how Russia is involved in a lot of a that.

In case you start with the latest episodes that focus on Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, don’t be alarmed if they mention things that seem too weird to be actually true. For me it initially went completely off rails when they talked about how Epstein was planning on seeding a new human race based on his DNA on a farm in New Mexico. That was one of the moments where I stopped playback and reconsidered to continue listening to the podcast and taking them seriously. That’s something I’d expect to read on the blog of a conspiracy nut. When I actually googled it though, it turns that multiple serious publications such as the New York Times, Washington Post and The Guardian wrote about it and that it was true. So I continued to listen, until they mentioned that Gislaine Maxwell’s father wasn’t just a media mogul who died under suspicious circumstances but also a suspected Mossad agent. To my surprise, even Wikipedia confirms these allegations. So I continue to listen to it and while I’m not even finished with a quarter of the episodes so far, I’m hooked.

Be aware though that this isn’t some fictional documentary podcast. This is actually happening and I feel pretty naive that a lot of things they mention and put into perspective are actually new to me. I actually fear that their worst projections and fears will become true. This is not a podcast you should listen to if you’re currently in a good mood, despite everything going on with Covid-19, police brutality and the rise of fascism/nazism around the globe.

Sarah Kendzior also just released the book Hiding in Plain Sight detailing the development of what she calls Trumpism. While I already purchased it, I haven’t yet read it. Andrea Chalupa recently wrote a thoroughly fact-checked screenplay for the movie Mr Jones about a british journalist whose reporting on the Ukrainian famine in the 1930s inspired George Orwell to write Animal Farm.

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