According to the oldest timestamp of one of my blog posts, I seem to have my own blog for almost 7 years now. To say that I’ve been blogging wouldn’t be very truthful though. So far I’ve posted roughly 2-3 posts per year, while most of my activity happened on Twitter.

I plan on changing that.

The blog as a playground

First, as is common among my people, I’ll change the blog software again. I’m going to try out Jekyll for now, because I’ve found a nice AMP theme that resembles the clean and reading-focused design that once graced Medium. I am aware that Hugo is a big deal right now and I’ll check that out at some point in time. While Ghost was pretty cool and has become even better now that they have reached version 1.0, I’ve decided to strip things down. I don’t need nodejs just to publish some HTML generated from Markdown. A static site builder also enables me to outsource the hosting of the blog to Netlify, while the actual content is a private git repository.

If memory serves me, I’ve gone from a weird Textile-backed blogging software to Wordpress, went on to try the svbtle-clone obtvse, went back to Wordpress and since 2014 I’ve stayed with Ghost.

More focus, more publishing

For now, I don’t want to deal with the underlying software and instead focus on publishing some thoughts, even if some of them are incomplete. No matter how much I grow as a person, I’ll always publish things that will seem stupid, naive or weird after a few years. I don’t care. I’m hereby committing to write more often.

I have a lot of content in draft-state that I’ve collected over the years, but I wasn’t sure if I’d ever find the time to put the final polish on everything. Just writing stuff for the sake of writing isn’t an efficient use of my time and so I’ll just release parts of it, hoping to grow as a writer in the process. I’ve you’d like to volunteer as a beta-reader, hit me up on Twitter. I’m curious where this will lead me.