After the unexpected surprise that was Babylon Berlin, it seems that Germany is slowly on the rise in terms of being able to produce thrilling, modern TV shows. This time it’s Bad Banks, focusing on the dubious schemings of the financial sector.

Produced by ARTE and ZDF, it is now ready for streaming in the Mediathek. Of course, thanks to German Laws, it’ll be depublished within 14 days, so you better get your local copy while it’s still available.

While certainly not in the same league as Billions, it’s a show with high production values, decent pacing, interesting characters and capable actors that manages to make me want to watch episode after episode, despite having just been hooked on Netflix' Altered Carbon. The cringe-worthy excessive use of German’s speaking half-english is completely over the top though, while the creepy, self-obsessed and arrogant white men are probably much closer to the real world as one might expect.